Us Citizens Are On The Health Race


Seems like the Government is bent upon improving the life of citizens. A whole new set of guideline for health improvement is being introduced now. These guidelines are revised every five years and it is mandatory that people follow this. From school canteens to prison kitchens, this is what dieticians build every diet upon. The main requirements are to limit Sugar, minimize saturated fat, reduce salt, and add more fruits, vegetables and fiber to your diet.

Sugar intake is quite high and nobody actually realizes that they are piling on sugar in their diet. They are so used to follow their daily routines of sweetened coffees, fast food which often contains loads of sugar, juices, carbonated drinks etc. The maximum limit os sugar intake is now restricted to 10% of your daily diet.

Cholesterol levels
This is something to be very careful about. It is all related to heart health. Cholesterol clogs up arteries and caused all sorts of heart ailments. It is so much better to restrict the intake of high cholesterol food rather than restrict the blood flow to your heart by clogging. Citizens have been asked to reduce the intake of saturated fat and maintain cholesterol levels at a healthy rate.


A large quantity of Red meat is strictly off limits. Fish can be included in your daily diet as much as possible. Protein rich food helps to build muscle mass which is necessary as people age.

Fruits and vegetables
From when you are small, you have heard that you need to eat more fruits as well as vegetables. The saying still goes. Have as much as veggies and fruits to keep your body fit and healthy. Fibrous leafy veggies are your best friends.

The government is becoming quite concerned on this one. They have limited the number of drinks per day to one for women and two for men. You can also have moderate quantities of coffee. That would be 3-5 cups a day.

Overall the citizens will have to be health conscious of everything they eat. It is after all to be safe than sorry at the end of the day!