Game Of Thrones –Seventh Series Is On The Way

game-of-tronesThe Game of thrones is an American Drama series broadcasted on television .It has been created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. The series is so entertaining that it has a broad international fan club as well. The theme is based on the conflicts among dynasties to attain the Iron Throne of Seven Kingdoms.

This show is aired on HBO and now the seventh series is getting ready for production. The shoots are going on in Northern Ireland, Spain, Iceland and other regions. Reports suggest shooting at that the crew is mainly at Basque beaches which are Ituzrun in Zumaia, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo and Muriola in Barrika.


The change in the cast from season 6 will be only in the addition of Jim Broadbent, an Oscar award winner. The remaining characters are who played the roles in Season 6. The end of season 6 showed that Daenerys had set for Westeros determined to win back her throne from the clans of Lannister and Baratheon.

At present, it is planned that seven shows will be shot and broadcasted. This is a difference from the other series as they were around 10 shows in each of the previous series. The end of the seventh series is set for the last months of 2018.

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