Game Of Thrones –Seventh Series Is On The Way

game-of-tronesThe Game of thrones is an American Drama series broadcasted on television .It has been created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. The series is so entertaining that it has a broad international fan club as well. The theme is based on the conflicts among dynasties to attain the Iron Throne of Seven Kingdoms.

This show is aired on HBO and now the seventh series is getting ready for production. The shoots are going on in Northern Ireland, Spain, Iceland and other regions. Reports suggest shooting at that the crew is mainly at Basque beaches which are Ituzrun in Zumaia, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo and Muriola in Barrika.


The change in the cast from season 6 will be only in the addition of Jim Broadbent, an Oscar award winner. The remaining characters are who played the roles in Season 6. The end of season 6 showed that Daenerys had set for Westeros determined to win back her throne from the clans of Lannister and Baratheon.

At present, it is planned that seven shows will be shot and broadcasted. This is a difference from the other series as they were around 10 shows in each of the previous series. The end of the seventh series is set for the last months of 2018.

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Max And Duke Capture Millions Of Hearts


Who doesn’t like an animated movie? Somewhere inside everyone lies a child who simply wants to play, dance and enjoy life. Some of the movies that are being released are so filled with tension and scary situations, people often wonder why they spend money and add on to the so-called horrid realities of life. Life is to be enjoyed. This is a concept many adults often forget to remember. Watch a few kids seeing an animated movie and you will realize that after all life is so simple. Grownups actually complicate the entire process of living our lives to the fullest.

One of the best animation movies released recently is The Secret Life of Pets.This adorable movie comes from the makers of Despicable Me and the famous minions.

The whole story is based on the life of pets at your homes. Often no one considers thinking how a pet feels when a new one is brought into the house. Do they feel happy? Or are they jealous? Do they fear that their master will forget them and love the new one?

duke (1)

When a new baby arrives in the home, the parents spend hours explaining to the elder siblings that the only change will be an additional member to play with and that they will love all the kids equally. How do pets understand this concept? This is all what the movie is about.

Max is a terrier that is the quite spoiled with all the attention he receives. He leads a luxurious life in New York until suddenly his owner Kelly brings in a new dog –Duke. Unlike Max, Duke is a huge, unruly animal. Max decides that he dislikes Duke from the start. Other cute characters of the movie include Snowball -the rabbit, Gidget who is a white Pomeranian add to the life of the movie.

The puppies finally learn to like each other and become inseparable. A valuable lesson can indeed be learned from this lovely movie.

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Tamron Hall Misses Her Best Friend Prince

For music lovers all over the world, April 21 was the saddest day of this year. Prince, one of the greatest legends of the music industry, who wowed generations of his audience with his iconic music style and flamboyant and charismatic lifestyle, passed way that day after being found unconscious at his Paisley Park home-studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota. He was only 57 years old- an age even Prince himself would have said was too young to die.

Many celebrities have come out and openly offered their condolences. Recently Tamron Hall of NBC News too came out with her out eulogy for Prince.

She said she would always remember him as one of her greatest friend. Prince, she said, was always an extremely private man and would go to great lengths to assure the privacy of his friends as well. Prince was like an angel in many people’s lives, an angel who brought them miracles even without their knowledge. But, the man was absolutely adamant, she recalls, of keeping such heroic tales private.

Tamron revealed the details of her last communication with her best friend. While sitting at a restaurant, she had heard a song of his being played. As usual she had texted him and he had texted back with, what she says, was his usual cryptic replies. Fighting back her tears, Tamron Hall said she had had no idea that he was ill. He just sounded his usual cheerful self, she said. She said that Prince had always been a great friend to her. The two people she could always count were her own mom and then it was Prince.

Tamron went to say how she felt Prince was not really gone from this world. His music has been so pervasive it would be impossible to truly forget such a legend of music.