Trump Versus Hillary-Second Presidential Debate


The Presidential debates which are taking place between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are turning out to be pathetic as it is now a venue for insults being hurled.

The latest had Trump referring to Hillary as the Devil. He was talking about the policy of trade. While praising Bernie Sanders who was Hillary’s Democratic opponent, he mentioned that Bernie Sanders would have been a legend only if he hadn’t made a deal with the Devil. He also stated that Sander’s stock went down because of this deal. He took the opportunity to declare that Hillary had cheated during her campaign against Bernie Sanders.


Trump also criticized Hillary’s well-thought plan of dealing with terrorist groups. Trumps expressed his opinion of attacking the terrorists by surprise and then talk about victory later on.

Trump made is a point to bring to the debate three women who have made allegations against Former President Bill Clinton. He even stated that Hillary’s record was disgraceful and she should be surely ashamed to be called Clinton’s wife.

All this shows that Trump and Hillary have different views on almost everything. This election campaign is definitely going to be one of the most unforgettable ones with so much going around.

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